Listen to Our Homilies

Our Dominican friars preach homilies while celebrating Masses at the churches of St. Catherine of Siena and St. Vincent Ferrer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Center Center, Hospital For Special Surgery, and Archcare at Mary Manning Walsh Home. Here are some that we have recorded.

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Homilies for the Decade of Prayer:

[We regret that the recording of Fr. John’s Saints Simon and Jude homily was prematurely cut off]
Fr. John’s 10/28/19 homily for the Feast of Saints Simon and Jude
Br. Hyacinth’s 10/27/19 Sunday homily about humility in prayer
Br. Hyacinth’s 10/25/19 weekday homily about brokenness and healing
Fr. Jonah’s 10/24/19 weekday homily about sin, death, love, and hope
Fr. David’s 10/23/19 homily about doing the master’s will
Fr. John’s 10/22/19 weekday homily about sickness, vigilance, and grace
Br. Hyacinth’s 10/21/19 weekday homily about life demanded and life promised
Fr. John’s 10/20/19 Sunday homily about perseverance and hope
Fr. Jonah’s 10/19/19 homily about the efficacy of prayer
Fr. Jonah’s 10/18/19 homily for the Feast of Saint Luke

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