Fr. Jonah 12/15/19 Sunday homily for the Third Sunday of Advent

Br. Hyacinth 12/14/19 weekday homily about St. John of the Cross

Fr. Jonah 12/13/19 weekday homily about welcoming Jesus into our room

Fr. Jonah 12/10/19 weekday homily about preparing our hearts for God

Fr. Jonah 12/8/19 Sunday homily about hope in God’s promise despite contrary appearances

Fr. Jonah 12/6/19 weekday homily about the fulfillment of God’s promises

Fr. John 12/5/19 weekday homily about building on the rock of faith

Fr. Jonah 12/3/19 weekday homily about the blessings not everyone has

Fr. Jonah 12/2/19 weekday homily about humility and faith before the Lord in the Eucharist

Fr. Jonah 12/1/19 Sunday homily for the First Sunday of Advent

Fr. Jonah 11/29/19 weekday homily about disaster as a sign of God’s presence

Fr. Jonah 11/26/19 weekday homily about catastrophe and trust

Fr. Jonah 11/24/19 Sunday homily for the Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe

Fr. Jonah 11/22/19 weekday homily about Hanukkah and communion with God

Fr. Jonah 11/19/19 weekday homily about Jesus’ seeking of Zaccheus

Fr. Jonah 11/17/19 Sunday homily about what ends and what doesn’t

Fr. Jonah 11/12/19 weekday homily about the love of God as stronger than death

Fr. Jonah 11/5/19 weekday homily about being members of the body of Christ

Fr. Jonah 11/3/19 Sunday homily about the infinity of God and His coming to the house of Zaccheus

[We regret that the recording of Fr. John’s Saints Simon and Jude homily was prematurely cut off]

Fr. John’s 10/28/19 homily for the Feast of Saints Simon and Jude

Br. Hyacinth’s 10/27/19 Sunday homily about humility in prayer

Fr. David’s 10/26/19 Sunday homily about humility

Br. Hyacinth’s 10/25/19 weekday homily about brokenness and healing

Fr. Jonah’s 10/24/19 weekday homily about sin, death, love, and hope

Fr. David’s 10/23/19 homily about doing the master’s will

Fr. John’s 10/22/19 weekday homily about sickness, vigilance, and grace

Br. Hyacinth’s 10/21/19 weekday homily about life demanded and life promised

Fr. John’s 10/20/19 Sunday homily about perseverance and hope

Fr. Jonah’s 10/19/19 homily about the efficacy of prayer

Fr. Jonah’s 10/18/19 homily for the Feast of Saint Luke

Fr. Jonah 10/17/19 weekday homily about knowing Jesus through the saints

Fr. John 10/13/19 Sunday homily about faith and St. John Henry Newman

Fr. Jonah 10/8/19 weekday homily about the Book of Jonah

Fr. Jonah 10/4/19 weekday homily about St. Francis

Fr. Jonah 9/29/19 Sunday homily about the rich man and Lazarus

Fr. Jonah 9/24/19 weekday homily about Jesus’ “mother and brothers”

Fr. Jonah 9/22/19 Sunday homily about loving enemies

Fr. Jonah 9/15/19 Sunday homily about “the prodigal son”

Fr. Jonah 9/13/19 weekday homily about self-knowledge and mercy

Fr. Jonah 9/8/19 Sunday homily about St. Paul, Philemon, slavery and love

Fr. Jonah 9/7/19 weekday homily about being “without blemish”

Fr. Jonah 9/6/19 weekday homily about “the bridegroom”

Fr. Jonah 9/2/19 Labor Day homily