We are starting the new year by updating the name, logo, and website of our ministry!

Now called Dominican Healthcare Ministry, a simplification of the previous Dominican Friars Health Care Ministry of New York, we have updated our website and designed a new logo. The new crest is based on the shield of the 800 year old Dominican Order, which represents the full habit of the friars, nuns and sisters of the order: a white habit with a black cape (called a cappa). Onto this ancient crest we have added a simple square cross, which has been associated with medical services since the founding of the Red Cross in the mid 19th century.

Although we have changed our name and appearance, our ministry remains the same: a devoted service to promoting the dignity of the human person and the healing ministry of Jesus Christ through pastoral care, education, ethical consultation, and prayer. As a ministry of the Dominican Province of Saint Joseph collaborating with the Archdiocese of New York, we are at the service of the healthcare community in New York City and beyond. See our About Us page for more on what we do.

We hope that this change makes our ministry more recognizable and accessible. Please keep the spiritual care of the sick and dying, and our support of the medical staff who care for them, in your prayers.